Thursday, January 21, 2010

thinking of sumthin

it's already 1.30ish n i'm still here, in dis green floored wispi room,
feelin cold maybe coz im sitting under a full blown fan.

people said u should do something if there is something needed to be done. but if by doing sumthing will affect others. should we do it. should i be selfish. or should i consider other people.

and that what make life interesting. if we do something, it may affect sombody else
if we say something, it may influence someone else.
then, the question should we think of others or should we think about ourselves?
another thing i should consider is if i don't do that something it may also affect some else also? so, should i do it or not
could i?
which someone i should participate in getting that effect.

do or not to do it.

well, again that's life.

for time being, i will try not to think about it.