Monday, February 15, 2010


ello there mate,

have u ever made a statement before but now, u did not agree wit dat statement.
not long ago i have realized sumthin that may or may not sum of u already realized.
last week my TOK teach said da same thing.

so, to sum it all,
let me juz say dat life is full of uncertainties.
we can state sumthin, but that statement can be changed.
u can felt sumthin, but that feelin can be changed.
u can like sumthin, but that liking can be changed.
u can have an opinion bout sumthin, that opinion can be changed.
time can change all of that.
that is y as a muslim, we must use Insya Allah.
n if ur not a muslim u should say "That is my plan"

coz life is full uncertainties.
u can say dat " that would nvr happen 2 me" or " i will nvr eat that"
but with time it can change

if ya dun believe read back wat u hve written at ur blogs if u have one

the older we are, our thinkin may change

when we r older we receive more data or information or also known as experience and this
is why we changed.
that is why we've become more matured.
this is also why we must never be certain about sumtin
always use Insya Allah.

if u dun understand, juz wait Insya Allah wit time u will.