Friday, September 18, 2009

edible is incredible 2

fud is gud...........

fud is something we eat or sumthing that we can eat a.k.a edible. so, if yu r livin in malaysia, yu can observe that fud r everywhere. now, how can we make fud intrestin or even edible. we cook it. how do we do it
cooking sumthing doesn't mean you take sumthing and apply heat to it. no... not that simple. to make sumthing cooked, we can
boil it, fry it, deep fry it, stir fry it, sweats it, pressure cook it, roast it, steam it, pickled it, fermented it, bake it, smoke it, torch it, ...... and the list keeps on going. you can evn cook sumthing by adding acid to it. there is a dish called "lawa". lawa is prepared by dicing the flesh of a fish and some greens and squeeze a gud amount of lime. the correct amount of acid in the lime will cook the fish. dun believe me, try it urself.

da point is there a lot of way to cook sumthin. n if utravel around da world, i bet u can see more technique of cooking that can amaze u. that is why some people consider a chef as an artist. if they are passionate enough, they can create a master piece.

in my home or any typical malay houses, there will influence that can be seen on the table. u can be eatin nasi lemak today, n the next day ur mother will cook up curry or the day after that u r enjoying tom yam. believe or not, u r already celebrating One Malaysia right on your diner table. we enjoy each other fud,learning other people method of cookin, and without even knowing it, we appriciate other people's culture.

damn, fud can do gud things to ya.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

edible is incredible

skrang kawang2
aku skrang cubo gune bhso british

where 2 begin
lets begin with thanking god for creating the idea of
eating food,
cooking food,
creating flavours,
sense of taste in our tongue

food o food
when eating that thing enters my mouth,
happineess came into mind,

fud is culture, fud is pride, fud is identity
we are proud with our fud, coz fud reminds us of who we r, whre we came frm n da most important thing is fud remnds us bout our mothers. yes, our mothers. nothing beats mother's cookin. fud symbolize luv. luv can lead to peace.
then, its possible peace can be achive on the dinner table.
why not, (PBB patut settle gaduh sambil makan aaa)
so da equation now is
if peace can be achived, then we can focus on the bgger prob like world hunger then.