Saturday, December 18, 2010


time pass, days gone . all of this movement around us . yet are we still the same. time moves but do we follow them. second by second, minute by minute yet are we changing or still the same. still the same human, still the same person. like nothing has changed or should change. are we that ignorance or we just a fool walking down the same path. time is an asset yet we still treat it like it is useless.

it is all because a little thing called ignorance. o ignorance, u have been playing with us since the dawn of time. yeah, it was u who makes the jews, jews. and who could forget, it was also u that caused syaitan commit that sin.

o ignorance. u have been lingering with human life .

we've been warned yet we still letting u into our life. a genius can never be great if u by his side. we are slave. why we don't act like one. again the reason is the same. it is because a thing called ignorance.

so, when are we gonna change. is it so hard to get to be humble. is it hard to be thankful. is it so hard to remove that old friend of ours called ignorance. hahaha.

why do we write this thing. is it to show off. to show of something that even worth showing off. or is because we are too ignorance to remind ourselves we are ignorance. a fool acting like he is great. that is a bigger fool. why is it so damn hard to teach humans. and it is even harder to teach ourselves. stop wasting time living in the past. time never stop for you. come on man wake up. past is past. learn from it not live in it. stop it.

well ignorance, well played. you've always won against us. always telling us we are more than everyone. yet life always constantly reminds us we are not.why can't we see it. well it is because our own ignorance.

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